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- Both-sided TH plate connected by copper plating through hole between
   both sides with conductive pattern
- Applies CEM-3, FR-4 in materials, excellent heat resistance and
    electric properties.

- Various vehicle machinery including engine controller
- Various office devices including copier, fax machine, etc.
- Various computer peripherals including HDD, printer, etc.
- TFT LCD, Display.
- Other devices

ITEMS THICKNESS, mm LINE/SPACE, ㎛ Hole dia/Land dia, ㎛
Standard 0.2(min)~1.6(max) 150/150 400/700
Fine 0.2(min)~1.2(max) 60/60 250/500
R&D 0.15(min)~0.8(max) 40/40 200/300